FaceTime for iOS [9.3.5 / 5.1.1/12.1] Download

FaceTime for iOS is Apple’s very own video and audio calling service which is supposed to work as intended given that Wi-Fi or cellular data connection is enabled on the device. You can use either the front or rearview camera on your device as well as easily transition between landscape and portrait view. 

How to download and install FaceTime for iOS?

FaceTime application is officially available for iOS devices in its App Store. In order to download FaceTime for iOS, you have to follow a few simple steps given below.

Step 1: Go to the App Store on your iOS device and search for FaceTime in the search box of the App Store.
Step 2: FaceTime and the related applications will be displayed on the screen. You should click over it as well as hit on getting.
Step 3: Now the software will ask you to verify the Apple ID, then you need to type the password of your choice so that the download can begin.
Step 4: After completing the download process, it will be automatically installed on your iOS device.
Step 5: After completing the installation process, simply click the app icon to launch it. That’s all, now you can enjoy sharing files with your friends or family members using FaceTime for iOS.

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How to make calls on FaceTime for iOS?

Click the gray entry bar which appears on the top of the screen and start typing the contact's name, phone number or email of the person who you would like to FaceTime call. If you want to call using your voice only, you can click the ‘Audio’ button and if you want to call using video, click the ‘video’ button. Once you are on a call with one or more people, you can do anything like it allows you to change your view of the call, pause the call, mute or change the volume of the call, add contacts and add more callers to a group FaceTime call. 

Some top features of FaceTime for iOS:

Effects to liven up a conversation:
  • In FaceTime for iOS, you will find new camera effects like stickers, Animoji, Memoji, text labels, animated shapes, and filters to apply for your photos and videos in the messages found on FaceTime. Whether you want to turn your video feed into a comic book or use your emoji to talk to your friends, these new effects add a new level of fun to your FaceTime calls.
Group FaceTime with up to 32 people:
  • Group FaceTime feature allows you to chat with other 31 individuals and all participants in the group chat can use and watch the aforementioned FaceTime effects. For that, each user needs to have a supported version of iOS and macOS.
Use the messages app to start and join calls:
  • The easiest way to start a group chat FaceTime invitation is to invite your entire group chat together. In messages, you will find an option to invite members to a group FaceTime chat; so long that group is via iMessages. You will see an active call on both the conversation list. Simply tap the active call to jump in at any time.
Add new participants for group FaceTime:

  • FaceTime for iOS allows you or another user to add new participants at any time. When you receive a call to group FaceTime, joining is easy; you can accept it at any time, and as long as that call is active.
Get ring fewer notifications;
  • When inviting more than one person to start or join a FaceTime Group chat, the invitee will receive a silent notification to join the chat. This gives you the opportunity to continue with your day without interrupting them by a loud call.
Autodetected and highlighted active speakers:

  • With this feature, you can know exactly who is speaking when. It also ensures that user’s images in both video and audio calls are sized relative to how active they are in a given chat so that more focus is given to those who speak more.
View quiet friends in the ‘Roster’ at the bottom:

Do not assume that the rest of the individuals will go unnoticed by engaging group FaceTime users in chat. All users not highlighted in the group chat will be found on the ‘Roster’ at the bottom of the screen. The next time they speak, they will be brought back to the main display. Also, it gives you the option to tap anyone on the roster list as well as the main display to keep the focus on them.

Invite both audio and video participants to calls

 A group FaceTime call does not need to choose whether to be just audio or video. Instead, each individual caller must decide whether or not to show their face in the chat. If you can’t make a video call, or if you want to save a little data, you can send your voice to a group FaceTime call.

How to make Group FaceTime calls?:

If you need to get a group of people together be it family meetings or business meetings you can use group FaceTime. It allows for up to 32 participants in the same active video chat. To make a group FaceTime call on Mac, enter contact details (contacts name, phone number, or email address) of all the people you want to group FaceTime by separating it in commas or you can select each one individually from contacts. 
If you want to add one more participant to the Group during an active call, click on the lower-left corner of the window to show the sidebar. A list of participants will appear on the left side and at the bottom find a plus (+) icon to add another caller. Type their name, phone number, or email address and click ‘Add’ at the bottom of the screen.

Final words:

Utilizing FaceTime for iOS, you can communicate with your friends and family quickly and effectively. The setup is relatively easy and the process is fast and simple. Everyone from kids to grandparents can learn how to use it. This app is superior to other such applications in terms of quality. It has the best quality individual and group video chats.


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