FaceTime For Android - (Best Facetime Alternative For Android)

FaceTime for Android: FaceTime is a perfect way to communicate with your friends and family members. But this application is mostly restricted to Apple devices. FaceTime works only on Apple products like iPhone, iPad, and Mac, which means you can make FaceTime between apple products only. If you want to communicate between an android and Apple devices, you need an Android alternative to FaceTime. Not one alternative for you to choose from, but there are many. In this post, you will get information about ten such applications along with their features.

FaceTime For Android
FaceTime For Android 

The Best Android Alternative To Facetime:

Google Duo: 

Google Duo is one of the best alternatives for Facetime. Google Duo works on almost all platforms like Android, iOS smartphones, tablets, and computers. So, you never miss a moment with your friends and family members. It is a video chat mobile app developed by Google. It is based on phone numbers, allowing you to call someone from your contact list.

Google Duo Apk
Google Duo Apk 

Features :

  • ‘Knock Knock’ feature allows you to see a live preview of the caller before answering.
  • It makes an end to end encryption by default. So it is a secure video calling app that gives priority to your privacy.
  • There is a feature to control data usage within the app.
  • You can add up to 7 people in one group video call.

2. Skype

It is the most used video call application worldwide. You connect with your friends and family on the go using Skype. It does not matter that they use Skype on Android or iPhone. Skype users can make one to one and group video or voice calls for free to other Skype users.
Skype for Andriod
Skype for Andriod 

Features :

  • Skype allows you to send instant messages to other users in your contact list. You can send 254 emoticons which are displayed either statically or animated.
  • It gives you the ability to call landline or mobile phone numbers using Skype credit or calling subscription.
  • You can get your interview with skype’s features anytime and anywhere.

3. Viber:

Viber is a cross-platform voice over IP and instant messaging software application and it works on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Viber uses your mobile phone number as your sign-in which syncs with your phone’s contact to quickly find all your friends and family who are using Viber.

Viber For Apk


  • Viber lets you make low-cost calls to landline phones and internationally.
  • It gives you a smart notification. You can receive every notification that your friend has sent to you, even if that person sent them consecutively.
  • You can switch between conversations quickly.
  • Viber lets you to easily block or unblock your mobile contact numbers.
  • This app allows you to hide ‘seen’ and your online status

4. Tango:

Tango is a cross-platform messaging application that was developed by TangoME. In addition to video calls, tango also offers voice calls, texting, photo sharing, and games.
Tango For PC
Tango For apk


  • Tango is available in 14 languages.
  • It allows users to send stickers, photos or playing games during the call.
  • In Tango’s news feed section, you can share video chats directly recorded in your app.
  • Its live feature allows you to create live videos for your friends to watch. They can even watch your video later.

5. Justalk :

JusTalk is a free high-quality video, voice, and group calling application. It is very simple, reliable, secure and fun to use. It allows you to record and capture video during a call. Communication using Justalk is end to end encrypted. You can create group voice calls and video chat as many groups as you like to make group voice calls or group video chats with friends or family members up to 16 people.

Just talk for apk


  • You can make free one to one or group calls with a clear voice and HD video quality
  • You can challenge your friends in enjoyable games during the call.
  • With this app, you can draw and share your doodles, stickers, and photos in real-time.
  • It lets you record and save your video and voice call with just a tap. These memorable moments stay available in memories.

6. Imo:

Imo’s free text, voice, and video chat make it easy to stay in touch with your family and friends anywhere. I also give you the ability to share files. Sending files is easy and fast in Imo. You can send music, video, pdf and etc without any limitation. It allows you to join or create a big group that you are interested in and meet a group of people with the same interests.

imo for apk 


  • You can enjoy high-quality video and voice calls using IMO.
  • It uses SSL/TLS security for chats and encrypts voice and video calls.
  • It supports all platforms like Android, iPhone, and iPad.
  • You can send unlimited Imo messages over Wi-Fi or cellular data for free.

7. ooVoo:

ooVoo is one of the latest video chat application which has quickly accumulated significant user across multiple platforms. OoVoo is one of the most robust group's video chat interfaces of any of the apps on this list, effortlessly supporting calls with a dozen people. Its audio processing is excellent with noise-canceling mechanisms working on your signal to prevent excessive noise.
OoVoo for apk
OoVoo for apk

8. Line :

The line offers the same features to these apps such as video, voice calls, text chat, and group texts. It differs from other applications because it includes a mobile payment platform and social networking features.
Line apk
Line app

9. Facebook Messenger:

If you are one of the millions of users who subscribe to Facebook, you can make one or more group audio and video calls to its free Facebook messenger app. It also works cross-platform so your android, iOS, and computer using friends can join video chat.

Facebook App 

10. Whatsapp:

Whatsapp is the most popular and widely used messaging app in the world. It also supports group video call with up to 4 people at once. Whatsapp comes with many features, including voice and video calls, recorded messages and text messages, group chats, photos, and video sharing. The chats on Whatsapp are end to end encrypted.

Whatsapp Apk


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